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Into The Wamp

Let the Games begin!

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So after my last blog post there seemed to be some positive vibes coming from you guys so I thought i would tease you a little more with some things coming up.

Firstly I have begun work on a game. I wont say too much but I will say its not a skirmish,battle type game but it does involve miniatures and plenty of Wamp Humour (beware the monkeys in Fez's!)
Initial development has begun and I have a Wamp regular on board helping with the game mechanics. I am hoping for a release (most likely via a crowd funder) around next September.

Yesterday I got agreement on another kickstarter project which will see Wamp offer up sculpts from a fantasy race designed to fit with many game systems or just be cool to paint. If that goes well it opens up the possibilities to further races. Not sure on time-scales on this one but possibly in the New Year.

And finally, I am just starting protoyping today on some Wamp show bases that are different to the norm.

As and when I feel I can release more details on these they will most likely appear in the Supporters lounge.

Exciting times!
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  1. infelix's Avatar
    Sounds like great news, I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more about the game, monkeys in fez's can't go wrong :)
  2. Brambleten's Avatar
    Good times :) As before, if you want any crowdfunding help let me know.
  3. Normski's Avatar
    this is pretty tasty news Brett Im sure we will all be behind each and every endevour mate, look forward to the updates
  4. Demonn's Avatar
    impressive project list mate!

    really looking forward to it
  5. Endor's Avatar
    Sounds interesting, mate - looking forward to hear more news!
  6. Sparks's Avatar
    ooh, sounds good!