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Into The Wamp

The Darklord is rising

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It has been 2 years since my last confession.....

Well not quite but almost. Real life and some unfortunate wamp related events have kept me away from writing my blog but I do enjoy them when I can though admittedly its never with any frequency despite what I tell myself!

In fact a combination of events which most of you are aware of did lead my to seriously consider whether to shut Wamp down. I was left with a distasteful experience of the 'admin' side of the hobby, but like a phoenix I am reborn!

We have moved back home and the 5 1/2 year struggle to sell the house is behind us and my energy reserves are filling up again.

I have some big plans for the next year or so with Wamp so I thought I would give you an idea of what may be coming (but not too much of an idea!)

First up the site will be getting a little attention, no real changes, just getting the ladder going again, changing a couple of links an updating software and for supporters updating the arcade with more games!

I will be continuing to grow the store slowly but surely.

We have Wamp's 2nd mini Professor Sprocket to be cast up (we are just waiting for casting space).

The CharityWorks contest will see that range launched too with the winners sculpt.

I am currently in the start up process for a range of Wamp accessories aimed at painters and I hope they will be of use.

I have also started the ball rolling on a couple of big projects that will go to crowdfunding.

So all in all lots going on, as ever thanks for continuing to use and support Wamp and please feel free to contact me with any ideas or suggestions you have
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  1. Brambleten's Avatar
    Interesting to hear about crowdfunding projects in the pipeline I may not have run one before, but I like to think I know a little about the subject so if you need a second brain on something let me know and I'll try to help out as I can.

    Speaking of crowdfunding, I'd best get writing or Sparks will have my head...
  2. Inquizarus's Avatar
    Hi there DL!

    Just wanted to tell you that if any help is needed with the site/store on the code-end of things i can help.
    I work as a PHP-Dev/Frontend-Dev so i can do most things with my magic if given enough time.

    Free of charge ofcourse since it's for a great community. Just give me a howl through PM and we can start talking. :)
  3. Darklord's Avatar
    thanks for the offers guys, always good to have help to call upon
  4. piratemama's Avatar
    I'm really excited to see the updates, Brett! Glad to hear that the house issues seem to be over now :) That's definitely a load off! It sounds like you have quite a full plate ahead :) Awesome!!! Glad to have you back :D
  5. Normski's Avatar
    Hey Brett!!

    Im sure all the WAMPers will agree that we are very pleased you didnt shut WAMP down and taking it forward can only be a good thing, some of the sneak peaks into ideas sound very interesting and I sincerely hope they become a success.
    Thanks for not shutting WAMP down mate its my home from home and would genuinely be lost without you guys on here.

    Good stuff and keep it going, any support you need just yell ok
  6. Endor's Avatar
    Hear, hear! Glad energy and inspiration is flowing back to you mate :)
  7. Darklord's Avatar
    thanks Guys, got two projects officially under way now so pretty exciting. Might both fall flat but fun to try. I'll probably most more in a future blog as they get moving further along
  8. infelix's Avatar
    Sounds like you have some good plans for the future, I'm very curious about the WAMP accessories, looking forward to seeing what they are. And I'm also very happy that you decided against shutting down the site. I admin a small local forum (nowhere near the size of WAMP) and even at that size it can be a pain sometimes.

    I can't offer much help with the coding part, I'm more of a designer myself but I'll be happy to help if it's needed.
    Updated 25-10-2013 at 09:26 AM by infelix
  9. vegascat's Avatar
    Very interesting. WAMP has always been my painting home and I'm happy its not going away just yet. ;)