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The Wonderful World of Radom!

One month plus without buying a mini!

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Man. What the hell? I just realized thsat without even trying I have been one month without buying a new mini. That is a big deal for me. More so because I didn't realize it happened. I'm pretty compulsive about heading down to the LGS or ordering online like every second week. What's even more *****in' is that I know I got stuff coming in the mail from the LA comp, so that's gonna feed my addiction for free! That leaves my mini spending money available for other stuff. Which is awesome. I have decided that rather than do something constructive I am going to spend it on a universal bender for my birthday! May 9th is the big day, but we'll go out and get hammered on the Sat night. Actually... I'm pretty lucky in that I usually get my drinks free on my big day. Thanks friends! So I have decideded JUST NOW to make loot bags for my buddies!

Remember when you were a kid and you left a party and got a loot bag? That was awesome! I think I am going to get some of those crappy kid sized bags of chips, some little airplane bottles of booze, and some other crappy dollar store kind of stuff to put in them. Man, I love those things. That's gonna be super fun.

But about the mini's. It's wierd not having this nagging compulsion to buy every damn beautiful mini I see. I am even getting WAY more critical in my assessment of a mini. Now not only do I have to like the mini, but if the mini doesn't sort of jump out at me and make me start thinking about the ways I wanna paint it, I don't have to click the "BUY NOW!!!!!" button on the screen. It feels pretty enlightened to me. This is probably how master budhist monks feel after a lifetime of zen training. Or maybe how Batman feels. I dunno, but I super like it.

And on the painting front I am painting now more than ever. MINIMUM of one hour a day on weekdays, Usually two. I do it in the morning before work and it feels great. Part of why I don't get round to post as much as I'd like though, as I try to sneak in a little bit of work in the evening. Been having lots of fun doing that. Wow. I really entered ramble town. Do blogs have to have a point? That's about it. Too sum up....

-Have achieved temporary state of mini non-buying enlightenment. Horrible train wreck of buying to follow.
-Planning awesome bender for birthday. Come if you like loot bags!
-Super critical and ornery in my mini assessment now. Like those two old dudes from the muppet show in one statue-esque frame.

That should do. I need to make more time for wamp I reckon.
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Wamp , Real Life , Super for reals stuff.


  1. Hinton's Avatar
    Very cool, Scott! Being a bit more picky about minis sounds like it's really helping curb your spending on them.

    Love the idea of the loot bags. Have fun with that!
  2. Ulfgrimr's Avatar
    Congratulations for the 9th Scott and glad to hear of your enlightenment, it's good to re-connect with why you do something you love.