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Mama's Painting Madness

Thief of Hearts : WIP 2

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I worked on her a bit more the past few days and finally got around to taking photos of her. Iím still thinking the teal is a little too much on the Ďgreení side, but Iím running out of time in regards to fixing it. Iím not even sure how to fix it, besides using a wash on itÖ and I donít want to dull down the shading on it, either :-/ so I have a problem.

Iíve decided to back off with the NMM attempt. Yesterday I spent over an hour attempting to get it just so, but my eyes just donít get it, nor do they like it :-/ I definitely want to make the transition to NMM (Non-Metallic Metal), but itíll have to be on a non-show piece and when I have more time. So, Iíll do some metallics and mess around with them.

I painted her cloak and love how the ďpeach colorĒ came out I shaded it with teal-blue and itís looking pretty good. I couldnít figure out a good color for the top of the cloak, so Iím going with a creamy color. I plan on doing a small design of sorts on it as well, if I have time.

Here she is so far! I still havenít done anything with the skin; Iím saving that for last!


  1. waghorn41's Avatar
    Coming along nicely, really like the colour of the cloak.
  2. piratemama's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by waghorn41
    Coming along nicely, really like the colour of the cloak.
    Thank you! :) I was on the fence about it at first, but the more I have been working with her, the more I like the combination :)