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Taking the Pith

Dirty boy!

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I've decided to paint my Nurgliespeshmureenz again to try and get them to follow some kind of coherent colour scheme. Before they were all kinds of browns, greens and black with hazard markings featuring quite a bit. They looked OK but it didn't quite fit with the Death Guard fluff and the hazard lines are a big feature on Iron Warriors who are a different legion entirely.

The original pre-heresy colour scheme for Death Guard was a kind of light grey/off white colour so I reasoned that if I started with that kind of colour and then then used progressively darker washes on it then it would end up looking like light grey armour that had several millenia of filth caked on it.

A bit of experimenting later and I've got a process that produces the effect I want and is very quick and easy to do.

These guys are all still being worked on, they just need a bit of... cleaning up to make them look dirtier if that makes any sense. But I'm dead chuffed with the way this is heading.
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  1. Normski's Avatar
    Dirty Dirty Nurgle!! He is a loving and sharing God But a very naughty boy lol nice Work love how the browns pop the green! I tried nurgle once ended up chucking it!! keep it going fella its good to see!!