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My Little Corner Of HobbVille Workshop

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It All Starts Here

So once I had been swamped with the dazzle of GW and all the armies I had over the years I finally started a new Chapter in my life Divorce, living alone then new relationship, I move to Knaresborough to be with my Lovely but slightly bonkers Girlfriend!! Lisa!

well we moved to a bigger house and this gave me room to have a Workshop!! its actually a double length garage so my work bench is at the back!

My Bench

This is where the Magic happens lol

Tidy enough for ya?

Well after my Initial Warhammer fantasy Role play introduction. I quickly got into Fantasy battle where I built a Wood Elf Army and the a Dwarf Army, I kept these for a couple of years then got into 40K Rouge Trader, I collected all manner of races Eldar, Space Marines, Orks, and then in the late 90's I built a Space Wolves Army which were painted terrible by todays standards and they got Stripped down a year ago and are now awaiting a new shiney Paint job!! I may add they are all Metal! not like the plastic and FineCrap ya get today! the dreadnaught i gave to my son for his Ultra Marines!!
Then I ventured into Catachan Jungle Fighters!! and again yes they are all metal!! not the oddly looking plastic cronies ya get today!! they are currently just sat with their pants painted base cote!! no progress on them for some time now!! they may end up on a platoon style diorama not decided yet!!

This was the case for some years and then I took a break from painting and had a family then took it back up late 90's
This is when I stopped playing and just painted for fun!! Then I took another break for quite some time the early 2000's I was just going through some personal issues so wasnt focused on the hobby, then I started to help my son with his stuff ans this got me motivated again and then I moved in with my current Partner and suddenly found my feet again with the hobby and my first project was My Ork Stage For my late 80's Goffik Orks.

I thought I was done with it but then with a little encouragement and a lot of much needed and very much appreciated help from our very own Demonn (Marko) I took it further and put LED lights on it!

This was to be the crowning glory and I was to be finally done but then I found a biker Ork and now he will be getting converted and will be sat on the Rock at the front punching the air!!! I may even need a small LED at the front as its mainly back lit I will post a pic of this all done at a later date.

well from there its just got crazy with projects and I spend most of my time looking for Dioramas to build. Along the way I have massed some lovely minis from various small companies who are now my favourite mini suppliers..

I will go into these in another small Blog!!

well thats how it started and ended up in today!! just a brief history but we are into my WAMP days and my days have been full of fun and giggles mainly poking fun at out resident non painter WIP guru lol ( He knows who He is )

so More to follow in my next Installment of My Corner of HobbyVille.

See Ya in the Funny Papers!!!
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  1. waghorn41's Avatar
    Way to go Normski ! the dio looks great and I'm looking forward to your next one.
  2. Normski's Avatar
    Cheers Wag!! Im working on a huge Diorama for my Statuesque Minis!! its gonna take some time so will probably have a few little ones going at the same time!!

    That Ork stage took me almost a year so far!! Marko has helped as the blog mentions so need to get the little ork dude done and then paint up the wires so they arnt red!! then maybe I will put it to bed !!
  3. phatkid1966's Avatar
    Just incase you aren't quite ready to put it to bed and fancy extending the already amazing dio into the crowd, may I suggest having a peek at this rowdy bunch of fellas?
  4. rowdyspoon's Avatar
    Nice to have some room to create your masterpieces and it is nice and clean...for now. Question you have you lights quite high on the wall does that give you enough light or do you use other lights?

    Love the Ork stage you should call it Orka-Palooza!!! Rock on!
  5. Normski's Avatar
    Hey Phaty!! Cheers for the link!! Ive been looking at some gretchin helpers but these guys are cool!!

    rowdy!! the bench doesnt look like that at the minute lol its in a right mess!! The lights are High powered halogen bulbs they give out some amazing light the one in the middle doesnt have a bulb in but when i get one it will be like daylight in there!! i also have 3 fluorescent bulbs on the garage ceiling!! so plenty of light!! really need to find white light bulbs as the ones i have are a bit too yellow!!! and the Diorama is SlipSnot lol
  6. Darklord's Avatar
    ah to have a workspace! i currently have 3 bare brick walls and thats it!! Though I have found a hidden area above the stairs so I have knocked through so should double my space (only for storage but frees up other areas. Nice Dio
  7. Normski's Avatar
    Yeah its always nice to have a Work space!! next to it on the right is another space just as long with a make do bench where I do my messy stuff!!

    Glad ya like the Dio Ive currently stripped the Band off it as Im going to repaint them for the very last time!! (10th) as i feel I can do way better!! will be updating this Blog once done but will be a while yet!!!