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The Wonderful World of Radom!

A brave new world!

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So this is my first post to a brand new blog on a brand new forum. I will mostly be tracking all things mini painting related here, or whatever I feel like. But mostly about painting I bet. WAMP is a great place for me to do this as it's been the driving force for me to improve my painting. Improvement was, and is, the main goal of my internet painting experience. The contests and challenges here have really helped me focus on specific areas that needed improvement, and has helped me a ton. Also WAMP is a great place with great people. Almost all the painters I eKnow are awesome individuals. Except you Starks333, you're a ****.

It was around the summer of '08 I got involved in the online community. First through CoolMini, where I still frequent, and now to here. I spread my girth around a few other places now and again too. but mostly WAMP. When I started out I was doing very basic table quality mini's, and had been at about th same level for years. I thought it was pretty fantastic. I didn't really think my painting could be improved on! It was da BOMB a some kids would say. And then I got a reality check in the mail when I put my babies online at CoolMini and got scores of 5 and change. HOW? I knew I had mad game. Then I found out I didn't even have "The Game" like that ****ty movie with Michael Douglas. I didn't even have "The Crying Game" when that chick shows her rod. But as of this very second I have a mini that hit 8.4 on the charts, and I am super excited about that. Feel like a lot of hard work is coming to fruition. The image in my mind is getting closer to the piece of metal/resin/plastic in my hand. Sweet!

So hooray for the 'net, hooray for WAMP!

Today is March 3, 2010. I made two goals for this year. I want to have a mini score 8.5 over at CMON (So close with 8.4!) and I wanted to sell a mini for 100$. Turns out, I took on a gig for a commission that will accomplish the second one. That BLOWS MY MIND! See, I already had a cheat in mind when I set that goal. I thought I'd paint up one of the big money Forge World pieces I have, and sell that. See! The trick to accomplishing goals is to ALWAYS have an easy out. An exit strategy that a retard could follow with success. But I didn't have to go that route. I am doing some of the Incursions A.P.E. power armor dudes from the Incursion range for a customer. Awesome stuff, and super happy to be doing it.

So that leaves the first goal to accomplish. How to do that? Well, geuss I just gotta paint really well. Not just technically by "staying in the lines" and that ****. This year I really gotta start pushing my color useage and choices for shading and stuff. I gotta listen to what people have been saying and act on it! I bet I get WAY more tips than the average eDude. I am very lucky like that. Now time to go for broke!

9 months to go for that 8.5, wish me luck.
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  1. Darklord's Avatar
    the most eagerly awaited blog on the nte - wlecome to blogsville Scott. That 8.5 is yours mate even a 9. Your painting has improved so much buddy , beena pleasure to see and just shows what perseverence can get you.
  2. exilesjjb's Avatar
    This blog may need an X rating :) going to be good to read your thoughts Scott.