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Taking the Pith

The search continues

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Ever since the Maelstrom debacle I've been trying to find an alternative supplier for my mini fix. Wayland is out because I don't like the way they've strong armed other businesses in the past and their ties to the pitiful Beasts of War site don't help either. The Wampstore is great and I've had top quality service whenever I've used it but it doesn't stock the predominantly gaming minis that I buy most of the time.

That leaves me with three possibilities at the moment; Firestorm Games, Element Games, and Total Wargamer. I ordered most of my Christmas minis from Firestorm and received exactly what I ordered in good time so I can't complain at these guys so far. I saw Element Games in a banner ad on Wamp but I haven't had chance to use them yet. Their selection is smaller than the other two but the prices seem good so I may give them a try when I get round to buying things they have in stock.

Total Wargamer was brought to my attention by a guy at my local games club because of a sale they were having on Bolt Action minis. I didn't buy any at the time but when GW released the new Dark Angel range I thought I'd take advantage of the 25% discount offer they were running and buy some. The postage was very high, 8.00 for a fairly small and light box but with the extra discount it was still the cheapest choice.

Most of my order turned up in good time but there was a note on the invoice saying that one item was "to follow". It's now been three weeks since the order was delivered and the missing part hasn't followed yet. I've tried phoning them but it's either engaged, showing that there is at least someone there, or it rings several times and hangs up. I've now submitted a ticket to their customer support system so I'm hoping that the matter will be addressed soon. This being the first time I've ordered from Total Wargamer, the service so far hasn't filled me with confidence in ordering from them again.
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  1. vegascat's Avatar
    I've emailed a friend in the UK who used to run his own small gamestore to see if he still running it. I'll let you know what i find.
  2. Undave's Avatar
    Well I just got a reply from the support ticket saying that they'd had supply problems but my order would be fulfilled in the next 24 hours and an apology for the wait. That's fair enough I suppose but some kind of communication to that effect previous to me having to try and contact them would have been nice. Also there was no mention of the fact that I'd had a problem getting through to them them by phone, as far as I know they just don't bother to answer. Hopefully the item will turn up as they promised and that will be an end of it. I'm not best impressed and I doubt I'll order anything from them again unless they have a really, really good sale on.
  3. Darklord's Avatar
    To me customer service is importantI always say I learn more about a company not from the mistakes it makes but how it deals with those mistakes
  4. Undave's Avatar
    Yep well this one left me with the impression that they were of the opinion that they hadn't even made a mistake.
  5. adary's Avatar
    If if we don't like wayland, they are still a viable option for me, since they carry what I need, they ship fast, and shipping to Israel is cheap. Firestorm games is also a good site, but their selection is a bit lacking for my taste. Beside that I always had good business with them.
  6. Normski's Avatar
    Hey!! I use a varied range of suppliers!! for my hobby minis I will be going through Brett as Im a big believer in supporting ones own, but for gaming minis I use Wayland never had an issue except when I ordered something which was out of stock!! and I didnt check if it was in stock so couldnt complain really was with me the next week so wasnt too bad, I digress!! I also use Arcane Miniatures and The, but a few of the guys at the Club use Firestorm and only have good things to say about them!!
    also!! The offer free postage and packing on orders over 20 if your not in a rush for your stuff and only 2.99 first class mail 1-2 days. which is really good IMO, they also deliver to Europe and only charge what they are charged for weight of the parcel so pretty reasonable Ive used them lots and never failed to deliver!! Arcane have also never failed to Deliver so any of the 3 Ive mentioned I would recommend! not used Firestorm yet so can only relay what Ive heard!!
    Hope that helps a little!!
  7. exilesjjb's Avatar
    For wargames minis NorthStar are very good had a few orders to them and no problems, TBH for me the best service and value for money I have been getting is from Foundry Miniatures. In my mind they have done a full 360 and are the first place I look if I want figures now
    Undave have you painted you Nap's yet :)
    Peace James
    (exilesjjb yes still alive.....)
  8. Undave's Avatar
    Well big surprise there... It's now 48 hours after the email in which they promised me my order would be sent out in the next 24 and no notification of anything having being done about it. Time to demand my money back I think. Bad communications and broken promises, not very good recommendations really. I only hope they aren't as useless at sorting out refunds

    @James, I've painted one... only a few hundred left to go.
  9. Sparks's Avatar
    Try a place called Triple Helix. They don't have everything, but stock quite a bit at 15-20% off. Based in Somerset I think. I think they've also recently had to close the bricks and mortar to go online only, but my friends have had nothing but good experiences with them.
  10. Undave's Avatar
    The latest in the sorry saga: Apparently the order that they got in last Monday didn't actually contain my item despite them assuring me that it would be despatched within 24 hours on the Wednesday. They're now saying that they will be getting another order in on Thursday and that my item will be in it. I have now been put on "The priority list".

    I would have thought that, as my order is now almost a month late, I would already be on "the priority list". What irks me the most is that throughout the whole time I've been waiting for this model, it has been available to buy from their site. I pity the people who are just now adding it to their order as, if this is anything to go by, they are in for a long wait.

    If it hadn't been for the lack of communication I would probably have been OK about all this. I know GW can be funny about supplying Finecast to independent retailers so I could understand if it had meant a delay. If I'd been able to ring them up and get a rough idea of the situation I could have accepted it. The fact that they plainly don't bother to answer their phone and the fact that they don't seem to care about giving me any information unless I chase it first has soured the entire transaction. I have lost all patience with these people. I've given them an ultimatum: mini or money by the end of the week.
  11. Undave's Avatar
    See Triple Helix, I just went and had a look (cheers Sparks) and they have an announcement on their front page about emails being disrupted because of a staff change. This immediately suggests to me that they care about how their customers could be affected by problems they are having and they give fair warning. They also have a good selection of stock and 20% discount from RRP with free UK shipping. I'll be giving them a go at some point.
    Updated 13-02-2013 at 01:14 PM by Undave
  12. Undave's Avatar
    Well that's it then. They got back to me today to say that GW won't be sending them any more of that item. I'm not sure what that portends but at least they are giving me a refund. Now to wait and see if it arrives back in my account.
  13. Darklord's Avatar
    thats why I only sell physical stock, means I have a lot less to offer but I know its there (barring some gnome nicking it)