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Relaxed Machinery Studio - Synth Closet Build

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Before I start blogging about my adventures re-entering miniature painting... I thought I'd share a bit of my main hobby / passion... music. My wife and I moved to Indiana last year (my wife found out her job was being eliminated in 3 months and then literally the last 2 weeks, she got promoted and we moved - long story... and my job was awesome and I just moved my desk from an office in one state to an office here - and then 5 months later they let me and a bunch of other people go for cost reductions... another long story... it's been a long year and a half or so! )

Back off topic again... So we bought a house that was half built and got to finish it. We dedicated one room to my studio - for music, for working on web sites and coding, etc... I wanted double drywall hung (I looked into special products and simple double drywall seemed to be the best bang for the buck.) I also had insulation put into the interior walls. We'll add insulation under the room in the basement later.

A key thing for me is the synth closet. I had the closet widened so I could put everything in there - which hides a lot of the chaos and mess and makes a more clean look and feel to the room.

Here are some photos.

* Installing the standards

synthcloset_1 by johei, on Flickr

* Experimenting with foam pipe rap around the brackets to hold the synths

synthcloset_2 by johei, on Flickr

* Planning what gear goes where

synthcloset_3 by johei, on Flickr

* A bit further along

synthcloset_4 by johei, on Flickr

* Cut a shelf for the mixer

synthcloset_5 by johei, on Flickr

* Close up of the foam pipe wrap supporting the synths

synthcloset_6 by johei, on Flickr

This was all done end of October 2012. We've made a bit more progress on the room which I'll post soon.

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  1. Normski's Avatar
    sweet set up fella!! you run them all through Abelton on your comp?
  2. jkn's Avatar
    Thank you! I don't have Ableton... never tried it. I use Logic Studio to record and Wavelab for sound editing. Before I switched to Mac I used Vegas and Sound Forge and Fruity Loops.
  3. Normski's Avatar
    sound forge a fruity were the classics!! I only know about Abelton coz my mate is aDJ minimal tech and prog house! and he has offered me a lesson on Abelton as I like to mess about with tunes too!! He used to use fruity and SF but has now a full Abelton suite! pretty nice set up!! can mix digital media its expensive too which is a downside!! worth it though!! not sure if it runs on Mac either lol?
  4. jkn's Avatar
    I wish there was a Fruity type app on Mac - but no one's really done it.

    Ableton has a mac version - but I'm happy with what I'm using (well still trying to get a grip on Logic) - tons of friends have Ableton and love it. And yeah - Wavelab is about $500 and Logic is about the same... almost every major DAW (digital audio workstation software) seems to hover in the $400 to $600 range.
  5. Normski's Avatar
    yeah its super expensive but well worth it!