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Gaming on a Budget

Gaming China's history

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Over the next few issues of Irregular magazine I'm going to be looking at China's history and mythical background for gaming ideas. so I'm going to use the blog to do some follow up articles. My first article is going to look at the turbulent period of 1911-1938. it's a period in which warlords thrived, the Japanese invaded and the slow start of various factors trying to take control of the country from the Warlords. It's also a period where the West started to take a massive interest in the country. So my blog posts will be looking at suitable miniatures and scenery to use in games.

Future articles will go further back in history to look at ancient china, and the mythical stories that make this country a rich background to draw from for RPG and table top gaming.
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  1. vegascat's Avatar
    Speaking of China, do you have some good links for clothing? I want to paint my new Malifaux minis and would like some examples/inspiration. Thanks!
  2. warhammergrimace's Avatar
    Will have some soon and will add the links...I assume you're talking traditional Chinese clothing...
  3. Demonn's Avatar
    no, he means knock off Levis LOL

    Seriously though, cool stuff, will be looking in for ideas!
  4. Sparks's Avatar
    I've got a load of short mythology stories that might come in use? Did you need articles for irregular magazine?