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Wag competes!

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Well with such great minis from such a wonderful company I just had to enter the HF fray. My mini of choice is Tiriel, the kneeling version, which I think is adorable. Now the wag doesn't win comps but times like this allow me to indulge in trying something new. In this case the red hair, which looks better irl, and freckles (bit oversized but very difficult with my eyesight even with magnifying aids) and a new way of doing metallics. Not ready to try NMM yet so used a mix of 5 metalllics and one ordinary colour. I like the result and it's pretty close to what I wanted visually if not up to the standard with blending etc. But hey, it was a real joy to paint and I can see at least one more Tiriel (possibly more) making their way to my bench for different schemes to be tried.
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  1. shanerozzell's Avatar
    You've painted a nice mini there Waggers and you can tell that you put the extra effort into her.