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Random Geek Moments

Twilight Knight Pin-up Model review

Rating: 3 votes, 5.00 average.
Decided to try doing a video review of the newest Kingdom Death miniature.


  1. Vern's Avatar
    Ha ha - that's a good review (& pretty cool idea)
  2. Hinton's Avatar
  3. waghorn41's Avatar
    lol, great idea, loved it.
  4. poots's Avatar
    Bwa haha!
    I am so thrilled and embarrassed at the same time! You mind if i include this in the next mail campaign?
  5. Boris's Avatar
  6. Hinton's Avatar
    Thanks, all!
  7. precinctomega's Avatar
    Great review. I've only had one mini from KD, and there were definitely some casting issues with mine. The model came broken in two places and one ankle turned out to be mostly bubble and snapped. It also had a very inaccessible mould line and, by my judgement, is more like 30-32mm than 28mm. Still, I can't disagree that it was a lovely sculpt and worth the money for collectors.