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Painting Table update - What's next?

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Remaining on my painting table are:
Blighted trollkin - need to finish the skin and bone spikes
Wraithwitch Deneghra - need to finish armor and base
Scavenger - mostly unfinished
Defiler - mostly unfinished
Carnivean - now that I've learned how to wetblend, I'm tempted to go back and redo its skin
Boo booty - need to finish metalics and mouth
Sisters of Battle squad - stripped of old paint and cleaned off mold lines. Need to prime and figure out paint scheme.
Lord Exhumator Scaverous - need to finish assembling
Oni berserker - need to prime

So not a lot. ;-P Honestly though, I could knock out the Scavenger, Defiler, Boo booty, and Scaverous in one sitting. But I need to sit down and try and prioritize that list. Out of all the minis on the list two are for friends, the Carnivean for a friend in Ventura, CA, and the Sisters of Battle are for a friend in Jersey City, NJ. Neither of which have a drop dead date, but I've been working on the carnivean for about a year and have dropped him in favor of other things and ladder challenges. So I guess it will be first on my list. The rest....hmmmmm.... well, will work on that tonight/today. Any recomendations?


  1. waghorn41's Avatar
    Well as a Sisters collector/player I'll vote for them to see what you come up with