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I want a free camera!

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Quote Originally Posted by Darklord View Post
As many of you may know my photos suck big time. Like all good workmen I blame my tools, in this case my camera which has a terrible macro! So I need something better and a DSLR is the aim, problem is I don't have any money (literally no money!!). My miniature painting is what buys my kids food at the moment so a better camera would mean better prices for work I sell so how to get one? Well I could nick one but I'm too pretty to risk a stretch inside.

I wondered whether I could get someone to provide one for me?

Of course no ones going to give me a camera for nothing so I will have to trade for one. If a bloke can swap a paper clip for a house (near Mr Radom no less!) then surely this could be possible!

So this is the plan:

I shall offer an initial item up. If anyone is interested in trading for it then pm me. As I receive a new item I shall post it up in this thread and again any offers for that can be made. I will try and keep going until I am either given a suitable DSLR camera, enough money to buy one or something worth enough to sell and buy one.

All items will be related in some way to miniatures.

So lets get things started:

Stage 1:
For the initial stage I shall offer up a choice of 5 things:

1 years free Supporter Status (for existing supporters this can be added to what you already have remaining)
Free banner ad on Wamp for 1 month
1/6th page ad in 1 issue of Portal Magazine
Free Commission Painter Mini site for 1 year

A brand new Darksword Miniatures Male Elf Ranger with Bow

If you are interested in any of these things and wish to make an offer or have a proposal for an alternative option then please pm me. I shall cover any postage costs for the mini. I am open to any offers as long as they are broadly related to miniatures in some form (or would be of interest to our users)
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I wanta free camera!


  1. Spectral Dragon's Avatar
    Hope you get your camera DL
  2. inquisitorlewis's Avatar
    Is the miniature being offered the actual green or is that just an example?
  3. Darklord's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by inquisitorlewis
    Is the miniature being offered the actual green or is that just an example?
    just an example!
  4. kdlynch's Avatar
    still waiting on someone to do this, so i can make an offer on the next trade. hehe