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Its a start

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Inspired by Scott Radom's recent post (Scott v 2012) I thought I'd use the blog as sort of the same thing. Here are the first minis I've finished in 2012, two units of Sisters of Battle I painted for a friend of mine. The color choices are his btw. Please provide comments, criticisms, and feedback as it will only help me to get better!


  1. waghorn41's Avatar
    Well as a Sisters collector/player myself (4000+ points)
    Right, first picture is too dark to really see any colour, second picture - white robes over blue armour looks very nice. All I would change is the vividness of the red icons they're wearing from the waist chains, tone it down a bit. A squad there to be proud of. Well done.
  2. Spectral Dragon's Avatar
    Folds in robe needs some contrast (note that I did not say darkening ;) ) and you need to pull the camera away from the mini's a bit I think so it can focus correctly, just take a bigger pic to make up for it. Also, try to cover those lights with some tracing paper or something as I have found that helps.

    So far, I like them though! Keep at it!
  3. vegascat's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback guys and the compliments!

    @Wag - Yes, taking good pics are the bane of my existance! I had a hard time deciding on the tone of the =I= icon. I repainted the icons three times and never did find a tone I liked. :(

    @Dragon - Yes, I realized too late what I should have done with the white (I assuming your talking about?) robes a different way as to allow for some more contrast. In the end I ran out of time and went for some grey shadows in the folds. The white robes are my biggest dissappointment in the two squads.

    Next up on my list is the wereshark for my ladder challenge versus our dear Waghorn41~! Hope to finish my highlights tonight, take pics, and get them posted tonight or tomorrow night at the latest.