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Spectral Dragon

SD's Mid Level: True Colored Metallic Shading/Highlighting

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Anyone who happened to see my latest 3 or so WIP threads will know I have been working on this a lot!

Here is my latest foray into this: Trazyn the Infinite on custom built base WIP.

I think it's fair to say that the shading and the highlighting, especially on the torso, adds some much needed depth to the model. Trazyn is in a very crunched up crazy scientist pose.

With colored metallics I have done far more research than any other technique of painting. Turns out, candy coat and subtle colored metallics don't reflect light the same way you would expect the much shinier silver metal to, and it's not just the amount of light refracted. With pure silver ALL light is reflected back so shading and highlighting has to work on a sky-earth basis if your going to be doing it at all.

With colored metallics you have a much muted sky-earth effect, and it doesn't reflect color very well at all. Instead you get a much darker hue of the color the metallic is, and on top of that it's normally a rather flat shade in the real life examples I have come across. On top of that, you have the traditional style of shading to deal with, which wouldn't come into play at all in silver or chrome.

Now, on trazyn here I haven't bothered with any sky-earth effect. Instead I have opted for a enhanced shade/highlight which when I am done I hope puts off an almost candy-coat effect.
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  1. Spectral Dragon's Avatar

    WIP thread for my necron army among others for those interested, would appreciate feedback as I have been getting little to none lately.