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Spectral Dragon

SD's Basics WIP - blending/layering

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Quote Originally Posted by Spectral Dragon View Post
I tried to change the main title to "SD's basics WIP." Can't seem to change the original title though.

The following is my attempt at subtle highlighting. You can see it in a few parts of these pics.
sorry for the bad photo's, this guy is camera shy.
Attachment 6778
I have decided to post the WIP of me learning some basic and advanced skills here in my blog for anyone who is interested in watching someone learn and grow. Above is my attempt at blending thus far. I am very happy with my first attempt, but it isn't photographing well. More photos will follow as I play with my camera.
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  1. KittenCeleste's Avatar
    Too bad the linky to the attachment isn't working, it'd be cool to see how you handle shading/lighting on your projects =)
  2. Spectral Dragon's Avatar
    ahhh, yeah seems to have disapeared when I tried to merge it into the blog. I will see about getting the pic replaced.