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Moving a mountain

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Yep it had to go. Trouble was I inherited a ton of stuff from my 3 sons and at my age and speed of painting I realised I didn't have enough years left! So off to ebay it went. Also found loads of stuff I bought in 'oh look new shiny shiny' mode which I realised I'll never paint. Now I can concentrate on what I want to keep and paint I might actually get some serious (well for me anyway) painting done - and allow me to see what I've actually got which will help for competition projects - and no, I haven't found any more Bloodbowl Orcs. But I did find some greenies and rats which I hate so could be some dire wag themes coming.
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  1. vegascat's Avatar
    Which name are you selling under?
  2. waghorn41's Avatar
    would you believe waghorn41 ?