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Exiles Painting (one mans fight against the lead mountain)

The Draw of 54

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Well I am happy to see Wamp back, well done DL for your fast actions. I spent the weekend finishing the last two LA bits (pictures will follow later) and finishing the 1/35th PMC guys. I have had so mouch fun painting this scale that when I dropped them off at the Model shop I picked up another set do work on
I had a look at the figures when I got home and the detail is incredible, they are just as good as many resin figures plus you get a set of brass etch slings for the weapons so the value for money is top draw. I have been surfing alot of military modeling sites and I can see myself spending more of my time on this scale or even bigger (I have a 120mm Para on its way as we speak). I was thinking I may do product reviews for the sets I am getting if anyone here would be interested in reading them.
Anyway I will post WIP of my progress for you to laugh at, the next one will be my 1/9th bust which was stuck together today I just have to clean it down and a bit more prep, then its undercoat time and the fun can start. Watch this space

Peace James
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  1. ScottRadom's Avatar
    Good luck! I've always appreciated the skill of painting something to match a historical scheme but I still very much prefer the freedom of the typical sci-fi or fantasy.