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Grey Monday

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Another week, another day and yet more rain! :D

Yet another weekend has passed, and it's been a good un'!
Food, whiskey, Xbox and a little drawing, with a side of mud and yet more rain.
Even tried out something I haven't done in years; knitting.
Deadparrot told me about wine chickens she’d seen at a neighbour’s house and I decided to have a stab at making one. Basically, you yank the bag out of these wine cartons and stuff it into a knitted chicken, with the tap poking out the back.
So far it’s been very easy to make, have almost completed the body. Bottom, wings and detailing left to do. Felt like a right granny sitting in my Stress less, glasses on, blanket over my knees, knitting away while half watching the TV. *sigh*
Might do a couple as Christmas prezzies if they turn out OK.

KD entries are on the table, concept's done and most of the grunt work is done.
If I can get both done in time, expect a Dalí inspired Grandmother and a somewhat different Gorm. *fingers crossed*
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Painting , Conversion , Real Life


  1. Endor's Avatar
    Wouldn't mind a grandmother myself... Had to settle for pinup version of white preacher instead. Looking forward to seeing your Dali take, I'm expecting something suitably weird ;)