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My wip thread : A day off.

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Quote Originally Posted by Delarn View Post
Today was a break day ! Yeah I'm not really happy with days without sculpting. But fun day tho I got my order from reapers (8 more armatures, Asiago Jones and my Gencon Reaper bag. (I got paint, does that mean I need to get some brushes and try to paint the miniatures I got) They gave so much goodies in the bag that me and my daugther dances in the house... (She's 3 year old and she got a big poster with "Spiderman" on it) I also got Montery Jack Cowboy. I'm thrilled.

New stuff happen too: I decided to learn to paint and do my own concept art. I got a friend that will show me the technique for painting evironements. I'll become a one man army in this company.

Anyway, anyhow I did advance in something: I made a mold for the Toilet Beast and Dollie Hyledd. After that mold done (If it is decent and that I can cast miniatures in it) I'll work on the LE edition of Dollie. (Mechanical arm and Steampunk backpack)

I think I'll blog that if I can ;)
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  1. MamaGeek's Avatar
    How old is your daughter? Your family sounds like a lot of fun!
  2. Delarn's Avatar
    My daugther is 3 years old. She's a tornado! My family is fun! Just me when I'm anxious I'm no fun ;)