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MamaGeek's Minis

"Visiting Grandpa" and Giant Mountain Troll

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I put together this little diorama to enter in the Reaper summer online painting contest.

The orc mom and kids come together as a set: Orc Matron and Brood
The grandpa is: Surkar, Orc Shaman

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Much thanks is owed to Talespinner for sculpting me the fallen potted plant. (Andy, you're the best!)

This next one is Reaper's Giant Mountain Troll. I painted him as a gaming figure, to stand in as any giant-sized villain for my D&D game I'm running. I didn't put as much into him as I do with some of my other mini projects, and he has a heavy coat of varnish for handling, so the details are obscured, the highlights are dulled, and he's a bit shiny in places. Still, he's not terrible, and worth sharing, I think.