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It's done

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Finally after years of sitting gathering dust and mould in my head I finally got round to making that something different for my Sisters of Battle army. To be honest I really got on with it this week and knocked it out (yes, shows doesn't it) in a few hours. Then, I go and put it in the LA auction so now I'll have to bid for it. Total madness, typical wag. Even created some background fluff to be able to use it in games. I need a drink so it's down to the cellar to get a bottle of decenty beer then sit back and wonder what the hell I've done - or what wamp has done to me...

It's all your fault Brett, you invited me here!
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  1. RogerB's Avatar
    So, let me get this straight, you accidentally put it up for auction?
  2. waghorn41's Avatar
    No, not accidentally. It's entered in the competition conversion category - so it has to go to auction. That's what LA is all about.
  3. RogerB's Avatar
    Well, hope it sells well, even if you have to buy it back.