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Taking the Pith

An Undave's eye view of "Die Verdammten."

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Uuunnnnhhhh gehirnwurst! Nazi zombies are the ultimate evil. You need have no qualms in wiping these guys out as you can be safe in the knowledge that you're doing the world at large a favour. Studio miniatures are to my knowledge the first and only company to produce these guys in plastic, opening up the option for truly gargantuan hordes of fascist undead to besiege the miniature defenders of the free world.

Die Verdammten are supplied thirty to a box for about twenty quid which seems like reasonable value. They come crammed into a double VHS video case which provides good protection and presumably costs Studio less than a print run of cardboard boxes would. The A4 insert which serves as a cover doesn't actually show any pictures of the minis themselves though, so if you haven't already seen them you're taking a bit of a gamble on what they look like.

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Casting is by Renedra so I don't need to say any more about that really, you can't get much better. Not including the bases there are fifteen sprues in the box, each containing two bodies, six arms (three left, three right), a spare head and an M43 field cap. All the sprues are the same though so there are only two types of body to go around. Most of the arms are in the same pose too, the only differences being the extent of tearing on the sleeves. This leaves very little in the way of variation in your Z-waffe horde without a bit of creative customisation. Head swaps are pretty easy though and simply altering the direction your Z is looking does make a surprising amount of difference. The field cap does not fit. You have to trim off half of the recipient's head before they can wear it but it looks pretty decent afterwards.

Now the acid test. I bought these guys to bulk out my Secrets of the Third Reich German zombie hordes so are they compatible? The answer is yes, they are. Both the West Wind versions and their Studio counterparts are about the same height and build with the WW having slightly bigger heads. To be honest I'm undecided as to whether the WW metals actually look better with the plastic heads. All that's needed to make the plastics fit in are some round shoulder bases and your Z-waffe horde is set to munch brain sausage.

Die partituren:
Quality: 8 Casting and sculpting are pretty good although the small number of parts makes some of the posing look a bit awkward.
Assembly 7.5 Putting them together straight out of the box is incredibly easy as you just need to glue the arms on. In order to get some variation in your horde however a fair bit of customisation is required.
Value: 7.5 You do get lots for your money but a bit more variation would push the value rating up higher. The metal dies required for casting plastic sprues are horrendously expensive so hopefully Studio will be able to afford bigger sprues as their company grows.

Gesamt: It's rounded up to a solid 8 purely for the compatibility with the other ranges out there. If you want to play Weird War 2 then these are a must have set.
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