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JoeK Minis...a somewhat enforced hiatus. Public in shock.

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Quote Originally Posted by Joek View Post
Well...possibly not, but I just thought it might be appropriate to let you lovely folks know why things have been somewhat slow recently for me.

To be honest, I can't deny that 2011 has been slightly more hectic than usual, which has put a slight cork in the bung-hole of JoeK Minis. As you all know (because I incessantly harp on about it all the time), I do this because I rather like the process. Making money is never really at the top of the agenda, which would obviously not be a good thing if this was my livelihood, but as it's a hobby it's not too bad. Admittedly, making and producing a figure is akin to going on a pretty mega shopping spree at your fave figure shop, but only getting one figure at the end of it. The great thing is that the figure is completely and utterly unique, and only I can let it loose into the big bad world!

However, I can only do this if I have a bit of spare cash in the funds, or that sales of previous figures give me enough to carry on. Now, I can't deny that sales of the figures haven't been especially outstanding recently, but I speak to various folk about this, and it's really not something unique to me. I've been mostly recouping my costs, so it's never been a particular worry.

What has now become slightly more annoying is that as of two weeks ago I (and about 750 other employees!) found out suddenly that in the very near future we'll all be out of a job. After working with the same company for 15 years, it's a bit of a bugger. Actually, I'm taking it on the chin - there's really nothing I can do about it, and quite honestly I'm seeing it as an opportunity to have a bit of a fresh start and try something different! Luckily, as I've been with the place so long, I'll have enough redundancy dosh to keep me going for a while, and added to that is I've already had a job offer that I'm mulling over!'s actually all good, but it really does mean that until I know where things stand, my focus has naturally turned to matters other than figure-making and will probably do so for a while yet! Nothing like having something like this happen to make you re-evaluate things, and work out what you actually might enjoy doing, as opposed to what you think you need to do to get the money in! As long as I'm not living out of a cardboard box that is.

So, whilst I honestly don't know when a new figure will be winging it's way from me, I can absolutely say that nothing's shut down - I've got plenty of stock of all the figures, and quite honestly after reading the above, you should all be going to the web-site right away and buying them :p .

There is one tantalising bit of news I can give you though, which could possibly result in at least one more figure this year - I'm in the early stages of working out whether I can afford to take over a commission started by someone else, and that's in the middle of being sculpted by a huge name in the industry. Not going to say what it is, nor am I going to say who's doing the sculpt, but I can honestly say that the concept design I saw (a very long time ago!) is absolutely, astonishingly, fantastically cool. It is - like anything else - a rather significant risk for me to do it whilst all the chaos is going on - but if I don't try and get it I will be incredibly gutted, because I think it could be the best thing ever!

(Just need to work out how to coax a loan from the folks I guess :p).

Anyway, that's about it. I'm rather positive about the future, but obviously a little bit unsure about things at present, so apologies for not doing what most companies do and...erm...produce figures. I'm sure I'll get there sometime, but you'll have to wait a wee while!

In the meantime, you'll all more than welcome to donate money (I will take used 50s and gold bars at a pinch). In return, I'll quite happily post you out a little resin figure for you to do what you will with!

All the best friends,

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