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wag's wanderings

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or the inane ramblings of an old man...

Never done this before so thought I'd give it a go. Day off today and went to a local forest, sat in the sunshine with my lovely wife and had a coffee in the sunshine listening to the birds. Trying to get my LA entry for the conversion category done, I'll take photos before I prime it and then after. Lost my challenge with daGoz over on CMON - not unexpected but it was great fun; tried a few ideas, some worked others...
Planned my entry against Darkmessiah for the ladder challenge and trying to get going on my paratrooper. Looking forward to this year's comps on WaMP, know you'll all hand me my a**e but what the hel,l you know I don't enter to win.
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  1. Hinton's Avatar
    Nice to see you starting up a blog, wag.
  2. exilesjjb's Avatar
    its all lies, sunshine in the UK... never happened. Am looking forward to a few Wamp comps myself this year good to see you bloggin Wag.
  3. Darklord's Avatar
    a wagblog or is it a blag or wog, best not wog actually. Your entries are a part of wamp culture so nice to know they're will be more of them.
  4. wiccanpony's Avatar
    oh! oh! everyone gets to handle your a**e ..........where do I sign up

    forest you have a forest! you lucky person
    Updated 01-04-2010 at 08:11 PM by wiccanpony
  5. waghorn41's Avatar
    you're first in line Donna...