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The Grudge

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Hi all, been ages since I posted anything to do with a work in progress. This is basically because Iím rubbish at remembering to take pictures while Iím painting. Another thing is that I am like a Mayfly with something else on itís mind when Iím painting. At the moment Iím in the middle of a few things models some of which I canít show due to contest rules but these include [URL=""]Dark Swords Male Ranger[/URL], Reaperís [URL=""]Lara Kraft[/URL], which I was lucky enough to get a pre-release copy of from [URL=""]Miniature Heroes[/URL]. This is going to be painted for Sarahís birthday later this year but I need to start on a suitable Tomb Raider style base.
[ATTACH=CONFIG]4740[/ATTACH]This also came in the post this morning and I can honestly say I am itching to paint it. Again itís a [URL=""]Reaper miniature[/URL], called The Grudge and itís huge; on this plinth itís 155mm tall. I need to do some plans for this because he needs a facial tattoo and I plan on blending him into the base.
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Updated 11-06-2011 at 02:24 PM by shanerozzell

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  1. Captain Sprout's Avatar
    Really good looking bust with loads of character, Reaper stuff really is very varied. A real marmite company for me..this is in the good marmite section!

    Look forward to seeing what you do with it, particularly after the great job you did on the Krigar bust.