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Joe's Minis...2011's almost starting!

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A short little entry for you, but fairly significant for me at least!

"Well, the cogs of motion are finally starting to grind together. Another reason why folk should never think of going into this business without a HUGE resource of money and talent and think it'll all go swimmingly :p. Luckily, I have little of either, so I'm still happy!

However, the good news is that finally I'll be receiving stock of the seventh figure in by the end of the week. This is definitely a good thing. I've also been doing a whole load of thinking about other bits and bobs, and over the next few days (when I get a few hours of spare time), I'll be attempting to sort out the website a bit along with a plan for the pricing of the figures. It moves the thing far more towards the 'hobby' aspect of the thing than a business, but we'll see how it pans out I reckon. All I'll say is that if there are folks who like the things I do, and still haven't bought any, then see what you think of it sometime next week.

If you still don't buy it, then I'll be at a loss, and whilst in public I'll wish you all the best, in private I'll swear a bit. Only a little bit, mind you :p

Oh, and here's a small (ish) shot of a cast of the new figure. Those who saw her at Salute can testify to her tininess. She's dinky, but Ari's really has done some lovely stuff on her :) "

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