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Exiles Painting (one mans fight against the lead mountain)

The bigger the better

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Well another week over and I got some good painting done, had a few firsts too this week. I painted my first bust, a Sicbor goblin.

Finished him now and had great fun, I am taking a liking to the bigger scale figures and think I will be doing more of this size (well I do already have the figures). I have 4 or 5 54mm Scibor figures which I now feel happy to get painting. Anyway the bust is going in the LA comp so keep your eyes out if you want a ugly paper weight. I finished my winter camo Panther also so will post that up soon to.
My other first was not as nice, had my first encounter with a Rat(at home anyway we have huge grain fed rats at work some the size of small cats).. It was hiding in my outhouse and I did not want to get to close so I used my Dogs natural instincts (the terriers were bred as vermin hunting dogs) once he got a sniff of it he went nuts and flushed it out, for all you animal nuts no rats where hurt in this blog it was last seen leggin it down the street. So My boy has a new name now Mackie Ratbane.
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