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Who's got a descent box?

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Been busy cracking boxes and making lists.
For some reason the descent minis (or as they call it plastic toy figures)
strike me as a joke I myself am not aware of.
If the miniatures in for example HeroQuest was of equal quality when it first came out people would to this day question the logic in buying GW.
This at a time when producing quality plastic minis was still a form of mysticism (think transformers accessory guns GI joes helmet hair to mention a few.)
Many of the heroes in my humble opinion deserve a rescult before I even begin with any of the other stuff. (not to mention the drunken skeleton archers) At that point in the argument your obviously tempted to go with the standardized heroic or GW28mm but that would probably require a remake of the monsters aswell (but man Do I need a WHFB ship/fleet so bad ) Props wise I need to make things like altars and tables and chests anyway so that might actually be useful although the dungeons would start to look quite sad once the heroes have grown by two and a half feet. added to that the fact that the game more or less uses the standard inch system I myself wouldn't mind the use of custom heroes that comes with a more universal scale.


On an unrelated note.
It is summer in basically every part of the northern hemisphere that matters.
Please people don't use sugar traps to catch over zealous wasps and bees.
Whatever comes looking for it will be(e )have
like a off the wagon drug fiend before you actually trap it
and will with any probability go bug ()
your friendly self styled sculptor smith neighbour taking valueble nicotine time during the day away from him.