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the madness of wag

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Well I guess I've finally gone off my rocker. Two challenges against Darklord, a challenge against MamaGeek, Five - yes 5! - entries planned for the Darksword competition (did I tell you they're my favourite mini company?), the usual wamp monthly and an ongoing Historical ladder chgallenge against Sprouts. Yes, the challenge is historical as it must be the longest one on Wamp - finished mine yonks ago - and the subject is historical too. Actually I could go back and do mine again, I think I've got time. Then there's my Kingdom Death entry and uncounted other entries/challenges to come this year. It's my madness that keeps me sane!

At least the W.A.S have gone quiet, guess they just couldn't cope
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  1. Darklord's Avatar
    Your enthusiasm is brilliant mate - a true Wamper and I love your theme twists and humour and seemingly endless supply of Bloodbowl Orks
  2. waghorn41's Avatar
    Guess what - I've run out of Bloodbowl orcs! I'll have to strip them for repainting.
  3. shanerozzell's Avatar
    crazy like a fox!