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General thoughts (The forum review)

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Seeing as I read the forum at inopportune moments and therefore can't answer anything before I loose track of it I'll just drop the items here when and if I get a chance/don't forget.

full explanations when I get home:

Couldn't be arsed to fire up illustrator:
manual injection moulder.jpg

If I'd make an addendum it would be to have a one way valve on the injection nozzle of the piston.
(before the tube/nozzle leading to the master connection point.)
If you want to cut down on moving parts you could always just make a press.
The idea is that the release agent1 is heavier than air therefore creates a seal cheap and effectively between the resin and any potential air left in the chamber when you fill top it up before applying pressure with the press/lever..

for one offs you could probably fit a tapered nozzle to a disc that fits in a vice and just hold or clamp the mould in place while pressing and continuing on from there 'till all the moulds are pressed although I'd suggest a more stable construction if your making sprues.2

If any part of this is still unclear be it the rough drawing or the explanation thereof I'm happy to clean it up and clear/restructure the text.
(just gonna have to wait 'till this afternoon.)

ignore the fact that the airpocket on his left arm is gonna make him an amputee.

1 suggested vaseline but most things that is lighter/less dense/pourous than the resin and unlikely to interfere with the resin would work

2 although sprue generally fair better with a centrifuge, the same can be said about single mini mould.

Updated 21-04-2011 at 12:08 PM by MonkeyShaman

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