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Exiles Painting (one mans fight against the lead mountain)

Exiles Blog of many wonders

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Well I have never had a blog so not sure what I should be doing, but I think I will use this as a diary of all my hobby activitys. As most of you know I am a wagamer and Painter but I also love building terrain.
What have you got to look forward to on my work table, well I have lots of 15mm Flames of war Germans to complete. I have 3 Warhammer Ancient Battles armies in 28mm to work through and loads of display figures to. The one I am looking forward to at the moment is a 1/9th Bust of a WW2 Commando I am in the process of painting the display figures for the lads from the Black Pyramid the Tea Wars.
I know pictures will make this much better so I will try to take as many as I can.
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  1. ScottRadom's Avatar
    I hope to one day paint a studio mini! That's super cool. Good luck on the mountain too.
  2. Noddwyr's Avatar
    Cool stuff mate. Will be following as you work your way through the mountain.