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WIP - Salamanders

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Still have a ways to go, but they're coming along. I'll be painting over the one on the right with a black pattern of stripes and spots. I'm not sure about the one on the left. He's been getting leftover treatment so far.

In any case, it helps to post WIP photos, because I almost always see something different (or differently) in a photo than I do IRL.

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  1. Valander's Avatar
    These are indeed coming along! Very nice job on the gradients from what I can see, and I'm so happy to see fire done correctly that I can hardly stand myself. ;)
  2. Darklord's Avatar
    really nice like them both - did you sculpt the fireball yourself or is it bought?
  3. Shades's Avatar
    The fireball is a storebought muzzle-flash for modern/sci-fi weapons. I just reversed it! I did sculpt the frill, though. It's one of my first attempts to use greenstuff for anything other than gap filling.