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WIP - Old Grenadier Lizardman, Part 2: Color Scheme Comparison

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To help decide between color schemes, I figured I'd give each idea fair consideration and show each one side by side. Here's the one with lavender sea-weed -- a color choice purely made for color coordination and aesthetics. Please feel free to weigh in with your preference.

And again, here's the green version, a scheme that's probably a little more realistic. Imagine it washed with a some darker greens and blues.

Any opinions?
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  1. Shades's Avatar
    All the votes are in. ;-) I'm going with the lavender.
  2. Noddwyr's Avatar
    Good choice. I like the lavender better as well. Looks good.
  3. Shades's Avatar
    Thanks, Noddwyr! I think this guy is going to end up going in the display cabinet, when all is said and done. The nautical theme doesn't quite fit the Warhammer Lizardmen army, and now I have the AoW model to paint and fill the role for what this guy was intended. I've enjoyed painting this model, though. I've been waiting to do it now for over 2 decades!
  4. piratemama's Avatar
    Lavender is definitely the better choice! Very beautiful job on him!