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Wamp2011: Footballs and raffle tickets

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I thought I would write down a little of the organisation going into WAMP2011. The event has been public for a while (at least on Wamp) but it's starting to get close and now I have to pull my finger out instead of just thinking about things!
As you know we run plenty of contest here so I am used to organising a contest but a real life one is a whole new ball game. No fancy computer software to help me out for a start! I mean little seemingly insignificant things like registering entries turned into half an hour of intense planning culminating in the purchase of 5 each of duplicate and raffle ticket books. It's funny though that the system that's in place actually leads to an unexpected feature. The realisation that each entry would have a spare raffle ticket left over (I wont explain why its unnecessarily long winded! ) Anyway I though let's use this extra ticket for something - A prize draw! So every entry gets entered into the prize draw - the more entries the more chances to win - quite pleased with that and encourages more participation which is the aim!

Moving on from the (lets be frank) drabness of raffle tickets the much more important details needed thinking about. First up what categories to have? I wanted to have enough to cater for as many aspects of the hobby as I could but too many would mean less entries in each., so it made it quite a hard decision. This is made harder by the fact that the number of entries is unknown. This is a first so its all an unknown entity. We may get 10 entries - may get hundreds.
Anyway I spent a while discussing the categories with Rob Cardiss (demonherald) whose was helping me iron these things out. The initial plan was to have best sci-fi, best fantasy etc but we decided to keep it simpler and split categories in other ways. So single figures competed with each other - dioramas were together etc regardless of genre. If the events popular and I do another next year then we may expand things (and we will have an idea of entry numbers). Of course it wasn't as simple as all this - I mean from what size does a miniature become large scale and it goes in that category? 30mm? 32mm? What about 35? This went on for a while but at the end of the day you have to just make a decision. there will always be people who don't like the decision but then you can't please everyone.
So categories were sorted next up was the judging criteria and this was even more tricky. To be honest I have left that to Rob, I have no experience of the open system even though I wanted to use it! The open system just seems to fit with Wamp more - it's all about rewarding all painters rather than just the top few.
So all that stuff was in hand next up was prizes. As you know we are good at giving away prizes here on wamp - we do it every month but for this contest I wanted something different. Free mini's are always great to get but I wanted something more unique - something that related to the occasion. So to this end I decided we would have some trophies. Man, you don't realise how many there are - silver cups, shields, plates, glass, another series of decisions. I have been deciding on these for weeks, I mean if moneys no object then its not so hard but when you have a few to buy it soon adds up, especially when you factor in engraving. I thought about going down the charge for entry route for the event but decided against it.
Anyway the trophies (or should I say awards) are chosen, well some are! The category trophies are decided upon - some rather nice (well I think so) crystal awards complete with engraved details. Hopefully you guys find them nice enough to try and win!! Best of Show trophy has been narrowed down to a few choices and I still need to choose the 'peoples choice' award (I wanted this to be different to the judge led ones).
So plenty has been done but still plenty more to get done and I'm trying frantically to get everything in place before the baby is born.

Still lots to think about - demo's to organise (The basement are going to help there - lovely folks!), night out arrangements and 100 othetr things i haven't even thought about. Still need to buy my sequined jacket for the presentation!

One nice feature we will have is the first 100 people through the door will receive a free miniature courtesy of Studio Miniatures.

So that's where we are so far. I'll pop back and add more as we progress. In the meantime please feel free to spread the word and help make it a success.



Updated 22-03-2011 at 12:08 AM by Darklord

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  1. waghorn41's Avatar
    Great work Brett, looking forward to this event.
  2. Ulfgrimr's Avatar
    I know a little of the headache and cost of awards and trophys from mini/midi rugby so I have an idea of what's involved. Good work so far DL, sounds like a cracking day is lined up, just hope we can make it.