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Beautiful day

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So we were blessed with gorgeous weather this weekend. I'm grateful that I spent a decent amount of time outdoors enjoying it. I also took advantage of the ideal temperature and humidity to prime some models.

I primed enough orcs to get me started, while I continue to assemble their brethren. I busted Bootsy, the guard-dog, slacking on the job.

Here, I'm trying out a colored primer for the first time, Skeleton Bone by Army Painter. The Terradons were already primed white, but the paint scheme I have in mind will use a lot of this color, so I might as well spray it on instead of paint it on. I'm pleased with the results.

Finally, an exclusive for blog readers only! Here are the other "tribe" of goblins that I have planned for the diorama. I've been waiting years to paint these guys. I've had a color scheme in mind for some time, and I'm now at the skill level where I'm confident that I can make them look the way I'm imagining them. These figures are old Ral Partha / FASA models for the game, Crucible. The one on the far left is part of a cavalry model. The dude rides a bat and throws grenades, just like the Green Goblin! How cool is that? I'm still assembling the bat. That model won't be in the diorama,though.

I think these goblins were inspired by the Skeksis from The Dark Crystal.

I was originally going to paint their skin tone a pale purplish gray. But now I'm going to try to duplicate the Skeksi colorations. I'm going to paint the armor a bright silver, and the plumes are going to be purples, blues, magentas, and mauves.

Updated 14-03-2011 at 12:23 AM by Shades

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  1. White tiger's Avatar
    Ahhh Dark crystal ^^ I have that on DVD... did you know it was the first movie to have no human actors in it, just puppets?

    Can't wait to see the bright colours! Also...cute dog!
  2. Shades's Avatar
    I'm going to have to add DC to my Netflix. I haven't seen it since I saw it in the theater!

    If you think Bootsy's cute, wait til I post a photo of his brother, Geddy!
  3. Darklord's Avatar
    Labyrinth is better! mE AND MY BROTHER USED TO LAUGH OUR HEADS OFF AT THAT FELLA WITH HIS 'HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!' its on sky hd at the moment.
    nice collection of primed minis now get them painted!
  4. Shades's Avatar
    Thanks, guys! I just added both Dark Crystal and Labyrinth to the Netflix queue.
  5. exilesjjb's Avatar
    I see your dogs do the superman pose too, our youngest does it and we call it his super Todd. BTW the figures look good too
    Peace James
  6. Shades's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by exilesjjb
    I see your dogs do the superman pose too, our youngest does it and we call it his super Todd. BTW the figures look good too
    Peace James
    Thanks, James. Wait till you see them painted! The figures, not the dogs....
  7. piratemama's Avatar
    Aww, sleepy puppy! Can't wait to see em painted :) We missed you at the meeting but definitely understand how busy you are. This past weekend was GORGEOUS! I got a lot of stuff primed :) Sadly.... looks like this weekend is going to be miserable. Man is nature giving us a kick right now. First the Quake and now the hurricane. Joy!