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I posed myself a question on one of my threads whether it would make more sense to show my WIP reports in a blog format rather than individual threads. The deafening silence to the question gave me my answer, ha, ha! To be fair, I guess I just said that I posed the question to myself, so who did I expect to answer?

Anyway, I drifted to the blog section here for the first time since joining WAMP, and I was very pleasantly surprised to discover new ground here in WAMPLand. So I figure I'll go ahead and stake out a little territory of my own.

Here's the plan. I'm going to post all of my general WIP reports here. I'll post any other random thoughts that might buzz through my head, while I'm at it. If folks find it interesting and provide comments, that will be really cool. If not, that's OK. I learned in my Army Challenge SBS report that tracking my work online makes for a really good painting diary -- for techniques, recipes, pitfalls, you name it.

I'll make no promises to myself about the frequency of updates to the blog. It will ebb and flow according to the intensity level of my gaming and painting. As for content, I'll post links to my Warhammer Fantasy battle reports for anyone who is interested, and, of course, I'll show painting projects. I'll keep most of my posts short, shorter than this one, since I suspect that folks have only so much time to spend reading blogs, and if I wish to have any attention to this one, it needs to cut to the chase and just concisely deliver what most people want: pictures!
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  1. White tiger's Avatar
    I tend to put my WIP stuff on here...I'm beginning to wonder if thats cowardly on my part (ie that I'm somehow avoiding getting people's reactions by 'hiding' WIPS on here)

    Then again people do read blogs (hi) so not exactly hiding...gah. I look forward to seeing wippy goodness!
  2. Shades's Avatar
    Thanks for the hi-howdy, WT. Yeah, my WIP threads were becoming spread too thin sincevi had so many things going on at once. I figured it made sense to consolidate them, where the "story" would be a little more regular and coherent.
  3. Captain Sprout's Avatar
    I think people do read them as the latest entries come up on the little boxes at the top of the forum, so there is no escape!
  4. MamaGeek's Avatar
    I'll definitely be watching your Blog!