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Into The Wamp

Juggling plates and Herding Cats

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It's been a while since my last blog (and the weekly update promise rapidly went out of the window (though in my defence I did predict it would!). I suppose I'm still catching up from the Christmas period.
The plan was to go over the whole site during the holidays; update everything, fix all those little glitches that don't really affect things but you know they are there. It's like the scratch on the car - its tiny, no-one can really see it but you can. You know its there , it stands out like a sore thumb goading you every time you go near it. It might as well have pink flashing lights surrounding it and a fanfare when you get within 10 metres of it, its that obvious to you!
Anyway I digress a little! The point was I aimed to get all those little things out of the way. The site had been around for 10 months and lots of functions added but small things were left to one side. A concerted effort on my part was to rid the site of these. Alas this didn't quite happen as planned. A long drawn out internet problem (well actually a telephone exchange problem) meant I had around 3 hours internet in a 2 week period. Once things finally got under way my initial assessment of how long it would take was soon shown to be a little short. It's those small niggly jobs that often take the longest to do. Coupled with my very limited web design and non-existent programming experience meant that jobs that would take some one in the know 5 minutes became hours for me as I made much use of the power of google, reading up on how to do something then another hour of finding out what the hell cmod is or how to start dreamweaver. Then of course it takes another hour to try and fail the process before it actually works!
But in the end it got done. Theres a couple of things that didnt get resolved but I had to put aside for now and a couple of major site features that I want to implement further down the line. There was even the costly misatke of buying software that doesnt do what i need it too. Still we live and learn and generally things run ok.

All that aside it was also time to start getting the year ahead planned, namely the sponsored contests and WAMP2011. The sponsored contests are always fun to sort out. I generally know months in advance who we will be using but that doesnt always make things easier. These companies need to be contacted again to confirm dates and prizes and it can take months and numerous emails to get a response from some of them. There have even been one or two that have sponsored contests in the past and promised another but I have had to drop as I cant get a reply. Scheduling isn't as random as it first appears. I try to take into considerations major events like Golden Demon,Gencon and Salute and I try and schedule contest during this month form manufacturers that are different from those aimed at for the aforementioned events. For example lots of Games Workshop fans like Avatars of War stuff due to their similarity (well they did share the same sculptor!) so I don't want to run a contest aimed at these folks when they are all painting furiously for Golden Demon. I also like to try and balance the type of contests out so one month may be a fantasy focussed contest so I will try and get a historical or sci-fi focussed event for the month after. This varies thing and also covers those that pick and choose contests. After all most people won't want to enter all the contests so varying the content means there's not to long to wait for a contest that you want to participate in. Obviously it doesn't work for everyone but I'm a humble man not the Messiah (I'm just a very naughty boy!)

I have also been planning WAMP2011 and hope to announce the details of this in the next Portal issue. So many things to think about and so many choices to make. What categories do I have? What prizes? What will the rules be? and those are just the obvious questions, there's also other things that can easily slip the mind. What time will the event start and finish? Will there be other activities? How will the entries be registered and displayed? There will no doubt be another 100 things I have'nt even thought about but I'm trying to get things all sorted now before the new arrival appears!! I am looking forward to it though I am terrified too. Will anyone turn up? Will the contest be a success? WIll people enjoy the event? I am excited about a couple of features for the event and should add an extra element to things.

Turning into a long blog this isn't it but I wanted to mention a couple of things that have blown me a way this month. The first was the sucess of The Wamp Awards 2010. Having people and companies be so excited about winning an award from us is very humbling for me. When you get the likes of Ali McVey, Hasslefree or GenCon emailing you to thank you it shows Wamp must mean something.
Portal has also blown me away this month. The Christmas period is always quiet (well I say quiet, it was actually as busy as it was 6 months ago but the site has more activity these days so its all relative) and so the ai of this Portal was just to get things picking up again after the lull. Well it far exceeded that expectation! At the time of writing is is just about to become our 2nd most popular issue of Portal. To put it into context it has had more downloads in 2 weeks than other issues have had in 2,3,4, and even 5 months! It also pushed our total Portal downloads to over 13,000. That's nearly 2,000 downloads a month! I doubt this month will be so popular but even if its half as strong we will do well. It is actually going to be a great issue. There's all the Wamped! results and winners to show off as well as some great articles.

On a lesser note but also as cool (to me anyway!!) we reached 200 facebook fans and passed the 800 members mark on course for 900 this month. This place has come a long way!

If your still reading this then well done and I shall 'reward' you with a couple of little 'teasers':
I shall soon be launching a scheme where you can earn free supporter status.
Tomorrow I shall see the first glimpse of a Wamp miniature...........
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  1. three little pigs's Avatar
    I made it to the end, hoorah! Oooer a wamp mini! It's not waghorn is it?

    Well done to you and wamp.

  2. waghorn41's Avatar
    Great work as always DL - big thanks ! Looking forward to Wamp2011, I'll be making every effort to be there. Now, time I did some painting.
  3. Ulfgrimr's Avatar
    As above DL, really appreciate all the work you put in.
  4. Sparks's Avatar
    Only been a member for a month now, but can see a lot of work goes into the site and it's really appreciated! Cheers for being very open about everything and don't worry, we all stress about the tiny things in life even at the best of times!
  5. seasonman's Avatar
    Nice update and blog entry where do you find all the time ? Thanks for all you do . Looking forward to a WAmp miniature .. Hooray.. All the best .