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Which Pig am I today?

Wots That?!..........

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..........Is what I seem to be saying a great deal at the moment. hello

Why? New Eyes is why, yep I have eventually got around to picking them up. The dialation test required I have a driver so I had to wait until last Friday to run down and get them and ohhhh lordy havent they made a difference......

I can see clearly now the paint has dried
I can see all mold lines in my way
gone are the dark shadows........

Well you get the point.

I had ordered some Poindexter type frames without realising that when they turned up that the lenses where like the wrong end of a coke bottle, man they are thick, I'm totally geeking out with my new look and loving it. No one takes the p*ss out of a 100kg Poindexter in bovva boots, "roight nerds rool ok"

It is surprising how well we adapt to gradual change in our physical condition. I knew that my sight was getting worse and new glasses were on the agenda, but because the change had been gradual and I still believed my old glasses were effective to the point where I could still read and paint with them on I was not prepared for the change the new spec's delivered. It's the gradual chages we see everday that we notice the least.

What can I say other than it has been particularly hard in some catagories, and to be honest I can say it has made me feel quite uncomfortable in some instances particularly where pieces that deserve a gong have not made my final 3 because of some really stiff competition. I think there will have to be some honorable mention's or highly commended's splashed about.
The triers and noobs (like myself) have put themselves in the mix (unlike myself) and they too should feel comfortable in the thought, that in the company of some outstanding work they were not shamed in any way, well done. Hopefully I'll have the same guts to have a crack at some wamp comps this year. I will have to "harden up 3LP princess"
I'm looking forward to the results and seeing how my voting criteria panned out against my peers and betters. It's going to be exciting to see who takes what and I didnt even enter the comp.

In the last post I was talking about the huge binge buying spree I went on at Ludzik the Bizare I'm happy to report that they made the journey from la Fronsay to bluddy Orstraya in a week no problem, lots and lots of goodies. One mini was unavailable due to an error with the online shop but it wasn't one that I was hanging out for. For those that did read the last blog entry I did mention that the mini that had been the driving force behind seeking out the Rackham remnants was the one I forgot to purchase, due to France's unspeakable goods tax I may go to the US for the missing item, just as soon as the lil lady removes my left testicle from the vice.

wots that......?!


  1. Darklord's Avatar
    a bit of everything in this blog! Yeah the judging is hard on these bigger contests and some categories would be hard to pick 10 winners. It's great to see so many skill levels competing nicely together. I would heartily recommend dipping your toe into one of the contests. Many start with the monthly contest or the wamp ladder. Both just for fun and nice and relaxed (not that the sponsored ones aren't of course!) and they offer a good initiation into competitive painting
  2. three little pigs's Avatar
    Just the weeks events, it has been an eventful week though. If theres gonna be a blog here then I am damn well going to makes use of it even if it does become a pain in the arse'at times.
    The contest thing will happen, its going to happen DL no worries cobber . Have even been scouting out the monthly themes, and manufactures comps to see if I have anything by those makers. I hope you guys and gals arent going to drop the bundle with the McVey comp. Iacton is just trying to psych you out, come on take him down a peg

    eats nightkin for breakfast