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Which Pig am I today?

I'm In Trouble

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hello All

I've gone and stuffed up again! I thought I might go and get one or two Rackham pieces while there is still some left about the place, as one is want to do. Well I search and found the Ludick Bazare or what ever it is called, started monitor shopping (like window shopping only you get to sit down) and, .....errr, .....well, ......umm, I ended up with a bit more stuff than I should have, a big bit more...of stuff, ..........a really big bit of stuff!

I'm supposed to be on a trading halt (as the share market jockeys call it) at the moment , to make matters worse the one piece I really wanted I forgot to put in the cart. I thought about just placing another order to get it but........ discipline pig discipline...... my "left one" is on the line as it is when the paypal comes through.

I'm really going to be a really big bit of STUFFED when "she" finds out......

two and a half lil pigs
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  1. Ulfgrimr's Avatar
    Oh Dear! On the plus side having more to paint will keep you quite for longer and allow your other half some quality time, having more will also mean it'll be longer until you have to buy some more and they're rare pieces that will not be available for much longer if at all. If I think of anymore I'll let you know .
  2. Captain Sprout's Avatar
    The thing with Ludiks is they even pack it nicely so it feels even cooler when it arrives and when you spend money with them they give you a discount in stages off everyhting..its a killer!

    On the bright side as its flat fee shipping you may as well tank it as the shipping would be the same for one pot of paint. I tell myself that anyway.

    Hope you post pics when it arrives, I love Rackham and indeed just had a super minotaur arrive today, one of the last Rackhams I wanted that I didn't have.
  3. Vern's Avatar
    Aye, Ludick's is far to easy to buy from ... but it's Rackham, you can always pitch it as an 'investment'
  4. three little pigs's Avatar
    Hi guys

    All useful comments but unfortunately she's the smart one

    I would find it difficult though not impossible to believe the molds wont get another run under a different set up, although history has prove that it can often happen that they will be stored and forgotten either deliberately or by chance. A classic old wargaming line from the 50 or 60's that was selling like crazy was pulled in similar circumstances and although the molds were not destroyed they were not put back into production and deteriorated over time.

    I dont think you will being seeing any of my Rackham figures for some many months, I need to get my skill level up a bit more before subjecting them to my painting, there is the odd piece that may not present to much difficulty though