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Which Pig am I today?

Good News, My New Eyes Have Arrived ............STOP PRESS

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hello wampers

The optometrist rang to let me know my new specs have arrived for fitting, hoorah! Bad news is they still have to do the diabetes (just one of the small technical difficulties I had to deal with while I was away) eye dilation test. Bad news, I need a driver to get home afterwards and cant get one till friday, so the new eyes are so close yet so far away....... bugger! My mini's will have to suffer for a few more days.

My new painting dvd has arrived so I am about to open a beer and sit back in the recliner and see if I cant be learnt something and maybe improve some. Huzzah!



Whilst watching Lazlo the post man rang twice, parcel mail actually, with my reaper order, Huzzah! Paints mostly, never tried reaper before, some trios of flesh tones, browns and reds. Yes there were figures too, Colonial English Riflemen )historical gamer me) and a Jhorxia, Succubus, Dkspn. Im a sucker for a hot succubus, Hubba!

Updated 21-02-2011 at 05:56 AM by three little pigs

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  1. seasonman's Avatar
    Good luck with the dvd and the diabetes test . dont forget to take your sunglasses if its a bright day they help . Al the best TLP .. Brian
  2. Ulfgrimr's Avatar
    Been putting off my trip to the opticians as I know what he's going to say but I wish you all the best of luck with your tests, & I hope you enjoy the DVD (and beer ).
  3. three little pigs's Avatar
    Beer good, me like beer, .........dont tell my doctor!

    Thanks guys, I dont know exactly what they do to your eyes for the diabetes dialation test, but apparently I need a driver to get home afterwards. It obviously doesnt affect the prescription because I had the eye test for my glasses last week, spose I'll just have to wait till friday to find out.

    Lazlo's dvd's has been very interesting so far, I guess most of this first disc I already new but a couple of explanations that were helpful in filling out the whys and whats. Second disc this afternoon.....