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a rambling I will go...

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So here's the wag again, well behind schedule with his painting as always. Finished my ladder challenge against Knott47 but still waiting for his entry so we can get some voting. Having said that I'm quite chuffed as my entry scooped a Wampie for most fun theme. Just managed to scrape in a cringe-making entry to the latest Wamp Monthly 'Fairy Tale' only to see some plonker scored it a 10. Sometimes I wonder about the senility of people on this site - apart from me that is. My army challenge has almost ground to a halt with about 40 minis primed but very little progress since. Still there is a week to go. And with only a week to wamped my ladder challenge against Captain Sprout is moving forward very slowly, took three attempts, or was it four?, the other night to get the eyes acceptable on this mini. Haven't started the base yet though that should be straightforward, apart from making a bell. The casting is very simple so no real challenges in painting, no fiddly bits. Oh, and Im painting up something for a review for SI - yep, they asked me!
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  1. three little pigs's Avatar
    keep on wondering


    ps am not a plonker
  2. White tiger's Avatar
    Isn't the army challenge due on Monday?
  3. waghorn41's Avatar
    @ tlp - oh come on, don't tell me it was you, you're far to sensible...

    @ white tiger - I'm a supporter so I get until the 28th
  4. Orki's Avatar
    Yeah, what a plonker!

    So it was definitely a bad pun then, as opposed to lateral genius? :D
  5. three little pigs's Avatar
    I'm not a plonker, and it is a bad pun .......................but also lateral genius!

  6. waghorn41's Avatar
    @Orki - tlp is NOT a plonker, clearly he appreciates the intensive creativeness in life that us genius types have. Twisted, lateral, as long as genius is tagged on that's me! Certainly it was a bad pun but remember this is an entry from the wag. I don't do good.
  7. piratemama's Avatar
    Can't wait to see how everything looks, Wag! :D I know all about the slow thing... I've been somewhat "burned out" I guess from painting, however, I'm forcing myself to paint. Not too bad, really, I'm experimenting with inks and glazes :D I just finished up a gnome tonight I hope to post tomorrow! Good luck with the contests, too!!! :D