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2 Down, 28 to go

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My First WAMP blog!

Well it has been an odd couple of weeks for me personally speaking. Today I have finished Portal and just sent it for an final check after the amendments have been done and completed 2 out of my "30 things to do before I die" list. My first was getting an 8 over on cool mini with the WIP picture of the Krigar I painted. Not that I'm bothered about the scores [I]***cough bullsh@t cough***[/I] or was I checking it 3 or 4 times a day:redface:.
My second thing was getting onto the top 20. TBH this was a surprise and I would have been more than content with just equaling the WIP score (not doing so would have been an anti climax), but to get a nine was... well... bloody brilliant!:biggrin:

I suppose the next thing will be to consolidate that score with another one and I already have a couple of plans to try and do so, but one thing I do know is that the way I'm painting at the moment wouldn't be possible without the help and feedback from you guys, not just on my stuff but by reading what you guys face while participating in the hobby and how you sort things out. Thats what makes this the best place on the web!

Cheers all:wink:
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  1. three little pigs's Avatar
    you rock girlfriend

  2. shanerozzell's Avatar
    [QUOTE=three little pigs;bt667]:goodjob: you rock girlfriend :rolleyes:


    thanks.. I think:tongue:
  3. Ulfgrimr's Avatar
    Score was well deserved Shane, a marvelous piece.
  4. Orki's Avatar
    Hey gratz dude! :)

    Yeah, I mean none of us ever really give a crap about the scores, but there is certainly an amount of nail-biting expectation when you think you've pushed your boundaries, and you wanna know if the 'opinion' of the little numbers agrees! :)
  5. Dysartes's Avatar
    What are the rest of the 30?
  6. shanerozzell's Avatar
    [INDENT][QUOTE] What are the rest of the 30? [/QUOTE]

    Some are private:redface: but the few hobby related ones are things like win a major painting comp (still a long way to go there), attend a foreign contest like gencon or the German GD, actually get my RGP in a publishable state and get a sculpt sold for production (again a bit far off yet I think but getting there) oh yeah and if I ever come into money, open up an independent hobby shop.[/INDENT]