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Which Pig am I today?

I've gone and done it now

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After literally years (two really, just) of procrastination I have decided to bight the bullet and buy a painting dvd.

I was at Dark Sword shopping and browsing and, well, it was one of those 'I was there, she was there' sichy-ashuns, our eyes met, I weakened, and before I knew it my cart was heavier by a three dvd set. The price seemed OK and the description not too overblown, no promises of instant success so here's hoping I haven't blown the price of a SmartMax binge (mm mmm smartmax binge).

Im a historical wargamer/TT painter and figured anything to improve my thrust at display painting has gotta help. Oh yeah, the dvd in question is 'Hot Lead'. For gawds sake if it's a dud dont tell, I dont want to spend the next week thinking about that! Let me discover it in my own good time.

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  1. Serenity's Avatar
    For a beginner to intermediate painter, I think you made a good choice. There are some advanced topics, but that's not where it's strongest IMO. It's also nice if you use Reaper MSPs, which is what Laszlo uses the most in his lessons.

    This was my first and only DVD/video (about painting) so far, and as a beginner to intermediate painter, it's been well worth it. My next will be most likely either JBT's DVD or a subscription to the Miniature Mentor site. However, I'm not ready to make that jump yet.
  2. three little pigs's Avatar
    Hey S

    Phewwww, that's a relief, I just hope the way I go about painting isn't too far out there to make use of the of the damn thing. Im definitely much more interested in the vid now, I must go and check the letter box.....