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Which Pig am I today?

Da Daaah

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After many months of Porcine related incidents I can, albeit with some trepidation, say that I am back of the land of the painted figure. These small technical difficulties have now been mostly rectified; those pigs without roast beef have been sated, the lil porker that went to market and cried wee wee wee has safely made it all the way back home, those piggly wigglies with canine based housing issues are now in secure housing and the speech impaired hog that cavorts on the telly without his undies has been granted the right to freebag (as long as it is done tastefully).

Unfortunately these issues have taken an ever growing list of pharmaceuticals to control which means less spending on lead. Of course the upside is that the lead mine has reopened and some startling discoveries have been made. I wonder if ancient wargames minifigs will one day be worth their weight in pewter? I can only wonder at what i was thinking when some of these purchases were made

Well, time to get the pit helmet on and get back down there, Im pretty sure I spotted a thing from that company that use to make those things!

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Real Life , background noise


  1. Darklord's Avatar
    Always nice to forage back through forgotten minis
  2. Iacton's Avatar
    So... You are on drugs, naked except for a hard hat, and you've found a load of old minis that you never knew how the hell you ever acquired them?

    Sounds like a perfectly normal day in my world. Carry on!
  3. three little pigs's Avatar
    Yep perfectly normal, but you try explaining that to your doctor, personally I think she lives a sheltered life.

    What is weird is that I made a vow a month ago to not binge on minis but use the stock of the lead in the mine for my wip's, I haven't bought a new mini for 8 days now. Even started a new blog dedicated to my feeble 'display painting' efforts, Im feeling empowered and disciplined girlfriends.