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Boris' Ramblings

Keeping busy

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With work tiring me out, I was wondering when I'd find time to get much painting done - and to be honest I haven't, but I have done a lot of prep work.

I've started painting two models for a tabletop painting tutorial for the next issue of Irregular. This will sit back to back with an advanced tutorial by another writer (*cough, WAMPER, cough*) with the same two models. The theme is Alien Skin, and after a very quick Twitter poll, I'm painting them orange. The not so fun part is taking a photograph after each step, but it will be worth it in the end - I hope! The deadline is the end of Feb, so I'm trying to keep on top of them.

Commissions! I have two at the moment, the first being Boba Fett from Knight Models, which is interesting to put together. For the most part he's two chunky pieces, and then lots of very tiny, thin ones (more or less). It's putting my pinning, putty, and glue to the test, but I'm very excited to be working on him.
The second is Absylonia - the Terror of Everblight from Hordes. She's a prickly lady and I think she will terrorise my fingers with the sharp stabby parts quite a bit. However the model had barely any mouldlines and fit together very quickly. I'm looking forward to starting her unusual skin tone - pale bluey/purple. :)

Gifts. I finally picked up Studio McVey's Ruby from the store at the weekend - that's the cowgirl on a dinosaur piece. She's gorgeous, beautifully detailed, and the joins seem surperb, and given the lizard skin texture, I'm very pleased about that!
The aim was to get her painted for my brother's birthday on 1st March - eek. As she only just came into stock (#191) it's nice to see she's been selling so well, but I'm getting pinched for time. I'm going to have to send it late, and use his birthday holiday as an extra week's cover. *fingers crossed* I've not started building this one yet though!

I also started painting ANOTHER model at the weekend. I didn't get much done - but I wasn't in a rush with it. I got him prepped the other night, and despite being a GW figure I actually like it, and found it a pretty clean cast. It's a one piece model, something I've come to enjoy painting when I want something really fun.

Dysartes made a freehand suggestion for him that has set me off down a dark path though. He is now the first in a potentially unit sized series of figures that I will painting up over the next forever. It's a long term project, but hopefully something that will keep my interest, and allow me to dip in and out of whenever the mood takes me. I'm not quite ready to reveal what it is yet, but there will be photos at some point, possibly...maybe ;)

Anyway, I'm keeping busy with some earlier finishes at work I'm hoping to maintain progress. You heard it here first, Boris has 6 new pieces on the go, plus 3 recently almost finished ones that really need bases. This does not include the gladiator who has been consigned to a carry case, may he rest in pieces. Will I get something finish for WAMPed? Tune in next time.
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  1. White tiger's Avatar
    keeping busy is good ^^
    I'm still on the terminators (as you can probably tell by the mad grin) and my birthday is on the 1st of march too!

    Looking forward to finishing off these squads and getting back to my conversion with the moss you kindly provided ^^
  2. seasonman's Avatar
    Good luck Boris you have alot to do . Mc Veys Ruby does look really good. Hope to see your progress on that one . Hope your worload settles down soon so you can have more fun painting time and finish those commissions off . All the best.