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Boris' Ramblings

Changes afoot

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It's a new year, and I thought it was time to take stock before moving ahead.
I want to have goals for this year, but I'm not 100% clear on what they should be other than vagaries like "improve" - you know I like to be more focused than that ;)

So to help me define my goals I set up a thread called Peer Assessment asking other WAMPers to feed back on my strengths and weaknesses as a painter. Yes, it's a likely scary allowing people to have free reign on commenting, but I think it's worth it. So far everyone seems to be commenting very safely, but if you want to say something stronger - now's your opportunity!

One plan I do have for this year is to start taking commissions. I sold my work for the first time last year to raise money for Little Angels, and it was a strange experience. I wasn't sure anyone would want my work - but they did sell, and there were some really positive comments from some of the buyers.
It did make me think - why not? It might add a bit of variety to my painting, and taking briefs from clients will be a different approach for me. So I'm now on the Winterdyne Commission team:

As for the rest of my goals...I'll be looking at the comments from my review in another week and coming up with some actions. It should be an interesting year.
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  1. White tiger's Avatar
    Goals are always good Boris!
    I'm not confident enough to comment on your peer assessment post (beside the fact they're good)
    I never can get up the nerve to post any of mine on there like that so go you!

    At the minute I'm painting a model I hate. I'm glad i'm not doing it for a customer (more I can't afford any nicer ones) because I'm finding it really hard to will myself to paint it, especially as the inking is not going well resulting in me having to paint, repaint and paint it ove rand over again. Oh joy there are seven more to go.

  2. shanerozzell's Avatar
    Good luck on the commissions Becky:smile:
  3. Noddwyr's Avatar
    Nice stuff Boris. Good luck with the commissions.
  4. Boris's Avatar
    Thanks guys and gals.

    WT -don't be afraid to comment. Say what you feel and it can't be wrong.
    Nothing worse than a model you hate though, except one that's not going well :(