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Gaming on a Budget

Ebay - a cheapass gamers delight......

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Ebay is pretty much one of main places to buy gaming goodies from. I tend to scour the site for old school game rules, why, cause they are cheap that's why....Plus I'm a big fan of old school Dungeons and Dragons, and Ebay is the easiest place to pick up D&D materials from the good old days of my youth.

Over the years I've picked up some really tasty bargains as well, which have included a copy Elric: Stormbringer RPG (the version GW publshed) for princely sum of 2 which included the postage as well. Its in great condition and an excellent find.

Other gems have included a mint condition copy of 1st Edition Warhammer for under a Fiver...I check the site at least once a week looking for cheapies, and place a watch on items that catch my eye. I've aslo picked up items really cheap which I've sold on for a lot more, for instance I grabbed a load of the Dragonlance Modules for a few quid and sold them on for around a tenner each, there 6 modules.

I'm currently on the look out for the 1980's D&D red box, I have a PDF but would like the original tree version.

This is because I currently running an old school D&D campaign, with a bunch at the gaming club. It a great laugh as no one takes it too seriously and I actually have some first time players in the group which is fun, one of which is Becky playing a Dwarven thief who is obsessed with gold.

Other items I keep a regular eye on are Warhammer Quest, Battlecars and Car Wars. All of which I'd like to get my hands on, at a reasonable price, though at the moment all three are in the realms of over inflated stupid arse prices. Anyway that's all for now, just thought I'd witter on about ebay for budget gaming needs.
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  1. White tiger's Avatar
    A lot of my models used in conversions come from ebay...mainly because I'm cutting them up anyway they don't need to be new!

    Ebay is great for picking up bargins or even for random stuff, like 28mm bricks made from brick!
    I really shouldn't have so much suger...*hic*
  2. warhammergrimace's Avatar
    28mm brick made from brick, not seen those....have some plastic ones
  3. White tiger's Avatar
    Reconstituted stone, I think i'd looked at something else earlier :)

    I quite like the yellow coloured ones he's got, but I'm not allowed to buy anything Warhammer related till Feb now... :'(
  4. warhammergrimace's Avatar
    They're very cool, pricey, but very cool indeed.
  5. White tiger's Avatar
    Yeah...I won't be buying any until I actually have a project to use them on. Ebay's good for getting some models you can't get anymore too
  6. warhammergrimace's Avatar
    I won't buy a product untils in the price range I've set for myself, no matter how badly I would like it.
  7. White tiger's Avatar
    I completely agree!