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Gaming on a Budget

Its 2011 and a new approach to this blog.

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I started this blog last year looking at the cheaper end of the hobby, and will continue to do so, but this year I will look at making the hobby even cheaper, especially as this year looks to be a hard financially for virtually everyone. How will I do this I hear you ask??

Well for starters I will look at writing your own rules, adapting existing rules and checking web sites that give advice on writing your own games. I will still point you all in the direction of bargains I find whilst searching the backwaters of the internet. My main aim is to show that this hobby needn't be expensive as a lot of people assume it is. There are plenty of ways to make it affordable, and I will continue to discuss those ways in detail.

One of the first discussions I want to look at is the PDF/Hardback debate. I'm one of the people that does like a good old fashioned book, but with a good gaming book being churned at around 30-50 or $45-75 each its rather expensive, where as PDF are a fraction of the cost. For instance I was looking at a new Savage Worlds zombie setting, which in hard cover was 18 ($30), or in PDF $4 (2.50). A light bulb suddenly went of in my head, WHY am I buying hard copies, if the electronic version is so much cheaper. What's more touch screen readers/pads are becoming cheaper as well, I'm pretty convinced we'll see a 50 android pad this year, which would make reading PDF's down at the club more convient, and over time the cost of purchase of a pad and PDF's would be much cheaper, especially for RPG players, who tend to buy more books.

So I was wondering what other people thought of purchasing PDF's, and for those that quite like them is it price that draws you to them.
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  1. exilesjjb's Avatar
    I like the idea of PDF but I love the feel of a book, had a simular talk with my old man about novels Vs electronic readers
  2. warhammergrimace's Avatar
    I don't think I could read a novel electronically, but I don't seem to mind rule books.
  3. Ulfgrimr's Avatar
    For me you can't beat the feel of a book, I get a real connection with whatever I'm reading with a book in hand. I don't mind PDFs for technical stuff and factual subjects but not for novels or anything where the illustrations are important. Not too keen on reading stuff on screen and usually print off PDFs, don't have a reader so can't comment on those. Don't know if it's an age thing but my son & daughter love on screen books.
  4. precinctomega's Avatar
    I love both the searchability and easy reference of a PDF, but the feel and convenience of the book.

    The best of both worlds can be obtained by taking your PDF to Staples or Office World and having it printed and bound: cheap download, cheap book.

    However, if you are buying Skrapyard, obviously you should ignore this advice and buy a hard copy!
  5. warhammergrimace's Avatar
    However, if you are buying Skrapyard, obviously you should ignore this advice and buy a hard copy!
    Obviously, LOL.....when will it be avaliable...when's the next show you guys are at, is it Hammerhead????